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Kraken Sales Funnels is a full service marketing agency founded by a group of highly creative individuals with a common drive for excellence and a joint goal to help other businesses thrive.

We started with our proprietary sales funnel, which was an effective solution for workers moving to a remote climate. As we started working with more clients, we discovered their need for additional services, including website development, email marketing, social media, photography, graphic design, paid media, copywriting, strategy, and more. Taking the unique approach that marketing is a friend of sales, we’ve seen year-over-year growth as we’ve built up an amazing team of 20+ experts who love to make our clients shine.

Working With Us

Whether you need a captain, a first-mate, or just an amazing crew, Kraken Sales Funnels can help you succeed.


Meet with your Kraken team just like you would with an in-house marketing team. We are available through email, phone, and Google Meet. For those who want to get on Discord with us – that is an option too.


Maybe organization is not your strength — or maybe it’s your love language. Either way, you’re in good company.


Our clients are empowered with a live 24/7 detailed reporting that includes all their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all channels — as well as a breakdown of the open, in-progress, and closed tickets our team is working on for your account. Transparency is important to our team and facilitates a working relationship bound by trust.

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